Realities of Recruiting in India – millions graduate, 3% worth hiring – WSJ article – – Bostons #1 Software Engineer jobs/recruiter!

IndiaIn some tech circles, “Indian outsourcing” is a dirty world, as a citizen of the world, avid traveler, and person who has had the privilege of working and living literally on all continents on earth, I can say that the challenges that the US, and specifically for my readers in Boston face — in terms of lack of qualified candidates in software engineering/technology is repeated everywhere. Just read this article on the Wall Street Journal – — I was recently in India and traveled extensively, and was impressed and appalled at the same time – there is no doubt that India has come a long way, and yet has so much further to go. What impressed me most while there, was the incredible desire for so many to get educated, and grow. What scared me, was visiting some of the rural villages in the South, where basic supplies such as pencils, notebooks and chalk were in short/non-existent supply.

India was a breathtaking country of contrasts and I count many of my best memories from my travels there.  As one of the so-called BRIC countries, I suspect India’s golden age of education, and thus job growth is laid out in front of us right now.


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