I was quoted in Boston Globe/Hiawatha Bray story about the job market in Boston for recent tech grads (Computer Science) – scott@biviumgroup.com

Scott Dunlop, The Bivium GroupHiawatha Bray, the great tech writer of the Boston Globe quoted me today in a story about the job market for recent grads in the Boston, MA area – http://bo.st/gXysPY

Although much of the interview wasn’t published, the salient points are definitely there — the market is hot, and good candidates are in demand. For the clients I work with, seeking software engineers/web developers in the Boston area – top grads (good internship, co-op, or strong autodidactic) comp sci/computer science experience or graduates of schools here in the Boston area such as:

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) , Harvard, Northeastern, Tufts, WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Tufts, Brandeis, University of Massachusetts Amherst etc are definitely in the driver’s seat. Entrepreneurial candidates (always close to my heart) from schools like Babson, Bentley or really almost any other school where you pair your Computer Science skills with a strong personal track record of hacking/coding (github, personal webpage, active in a local tech community at a young age) are just as in-demand.

However, it’s not just having the degree, it’s having the ability to back-up your degree with real world skills that make you a great hire:

1. Communication skills – can you clearly articulate your skills, abilities, and interests? Will you work well with both technical and non-technical audiences?

2. Good team-player – there is little tolerance or room for people who cannot fit into a team environment.

3. Horsepower – you can show you can quickly pick-up new skills.

4. Tenacious – candidates who will keep working on a problem and attacking it from different angles.

5. Capacity to Learn – + a willingness to be a ‘sponge’ and absorb – your first job is all about learning/growing and building your career – are you willing to do the hard work to learn?

So, as a top 2011 Computer Science grad, the world is your oyster – it’s not a matter of whether you can find a job as a software engineer here in the Boston area, it’s whether you can find the BEST FIT for you (and maximize your time and value)– there are scores of companies hiring — you want someone in your corner who can help navigate the many pitfalls. You need someone like me – drop me a note if you wish to partner with Boston’s #1 software engineer recruiter – Scott Dunlop – scott@biviumgroup.com


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