Recruiting for a Hot Job – Junior to Architect Software Engineers C#/.NET, C++, Java, ECommerce- Lexington, MA to 170k package

Scott Dunlop, The Bivium Group SUPERSTAR Software Engineers, multiple openings: core software, apps dev – C#, C++, Java, E-commerce

Full job description is here

Long time Bivium client seeks multiple experienced Software Engineers with backgrounds in any of the following areas: hard core software systems that are highly algorithmic – high transactional data driven applications – windows C# design and development, e-commerce.

Join a team of 20 developers working on highly complex systems and applications that collectively manage the backend of numerous high traffic, data eCommerce sites generating more than 150 transactions every minute. This includes all of the core algorithms, systems and applications that manage all of the processing, scheduling, manufacturing systems, shipping and logistics – all homegrown, and the absolute heart and soul of this company’s existence.

Regardless of your area of expertise; server, middle tier or user interface, there are lots of very interesting and highly challenging problems to work on here: performance optimization, massive scalability, algorithms analysis/design/development, VLDB design/development…on the User Interface side of things: UI Developers will create user interfaces for manufacturing control systems used by folks on the shop floor as well as slick dashboards used by executives and many other points in-between.

All development is primarily on the .NET framework, C# and Windows Presentation Foundation (for the UI engineers) is nice to have, but not required.

The CTO here believes that “smart people can learn anything”. Big growth spurt and lots of promotions into leadership here. – package from 70s to 170s!

Drop me a line to learn more – – Boston’s #1 software engineer jobs/recruiter!


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