Happy New Year! Boston Technology/software engineer recruiting market is hot for 2012

Happy New Year! It sure was a whirlwind holiday season – between hosting visitors, charitable activities, and the social scene I’m actually quite excited to be back into 100% recruiting mode.

Often, I hear from old and new clients asking about insight about the market, trends and prognosis for the future. So, here’s a few thoughts to start the new year off:

1. Web skills are hot – a) C#/.NET b) Java/J2EE  and c)Python/Rails/Perl/Open source are about 95% of the position tech matches

2. Boston will still remain “behind” the Silicon Valley consumer-facing tech curve and invest in it’s strengths – enterprise, security, financial and networking.

3. The divergence of the economy will continue – the exceptional and talented to drive the market, and the average and below average marginalized.

4. Visa recruiting will pick-up. Some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs and workers come to the US on a visa and that is a good predictor of the tech economy in 2012.

5. Major VCs and venture-capitalized companies will pull back, a  bit — Darwinism will reign supreme – the best and brightest will rise to the top.

6. Salaries will become a bit more robust/unstuck at all levels.

I’m very excited about 2012, and believe it’s going to be the best year since 2006 to be on the job market for tech talent, and for those looking to recruit top software engineering talent in Boston – time to partner with those “in the know”


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