Consumer Facing Web App Development jobs in Cambridge, MA – JQuery/Cake PHP- high volume work with a profitable startup


Salaries from $60,000 to $130,000  + big equity

High-profile, very buzz-worthy CONSUMER-FACING web startup in Cambridge, MA that is already Profitable, and has only needed to take a small funding round. Get in early, as there are under 20 people, and play a key role is this company that is turning around and “doing good”.

Environment is highly iterative/agile and there are multiple positions open from end to end of the stack:

Happy to hire ANY OO skill/web technology, if you have consumer-facing experience AND are open to coding in Cake PHP.


Strong OO web skills – PHP and mySQL experience would be preferred, but Rails, Python, Java, C# are fine too.

Master of JQuery and CSS

Innovate, iterate and code fast

Design UI/UX skills are a big bonus

There are also mobile web app development positions – iOS and Android.

Drop me a line – – subject line “Consumer Web Apps”

Keywords: javascript, html, css, php, jquery, software engineer, mysql, web developer, android, ios, lamp, consumer, scott dunlop, bivium group,  php,  cake php,  lamp,  web developer,  consumer facing


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