blogscott2.jpgScott Dunlop, Founder

An 20-year veteran of the technology industry, Scott Dunlop offers a broad technical understanding of clients’ needs. Dunlop has held senior management roles in three technology startups, and has an unsurpassed technical recruiting track record, focused primarily in the Massachusetts software engineering/web/R&D market.

Authors have drawn on his expertise for the book “The Venture Cafe: Secrets, Strategies, and Stories from America’s High-Tech Entrepreneurs” and have quoted him in the Boston Globe, BostInnovation, CNN, Money Magazine, and in Processor and Smart Computing magazines. Dunlop also has worked at Winter, Wyman & Company, one of New England’s largest and most prestigious recruiting agencies, where he assisted in the meteoric growth of a new office. Dunlop’s performance placed him in the top 1% of recruiters worldwide, and set numerous records, including their all-time billings record.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. Candidates and clients alike seek out Dunlop for his mix of talent, performance and partnership in their work.

Scott is a recognized million-dollar biller (sort of the equivalent to 70+ HR or a .400 avg in MLB ) and is recognized as one of the top software engineer headhunters/recruiters in the industry.

The Bivium Group is a renowned technical recruiting firm with a sixth sense for crafting the right fit between opportunity and talent. Our focus is on building long-term relationships with both clients and candidates which is demonstrated by our unsurpassed network of skilled talent and intimate knowledge of our client’s business needs.

The Bivium Group delivers ‘big company’ results with ‘small company’ service and a personal touch. As a small firm,  it allows me to spend my time focused solely on recruiting and networking – which translates into better candidates and superior value for clients.

I am involved in every facet of each search, and shared success with a client comes only when we deliver the right candidate. The Bivium Group’s expert services consist of full-time and contract contingency placement of technology professionals, along with retained search for select Executive positions. All fees are paid by our client companies.

We have earned a reputation for our exceptional service, our willingness to build long-term relationships, and the ability to fully grasp the often complex requirements of our clients.

Our wide-ranging knowledge of the software industry, and recognition in the marketplace only enhances our ability to help reach our shared goals –  a lifelong partnership with you – and to offer the very best recruiting experience available today.

617.517.0890 tel

978.388.6177 mobile

209.580.2294 fax

PS I am a HUGE Red Sox fan!

  1. Tony Chen said:

    Hi Scott,

    I found your contact information from your blog. I am a software engineer and looking for a new job. I am wondering if you can help.


  2. Bharath Kumar Alapati said:

    Hi Scott,

    After going thru the blog, i’ve a couple of questions for you?

    How is the market for H1-B’s?

    What is the future of H1-B’s?


    • Right now, H1bs are suffering as much, perhaps more than everyone else. Our client demand (which was low to begin with) has evaporated, sans those with a top 5 school (IIT, Tsinghua, etc) and relevant experience to the particular clients.

      There will always be demand for H1bs for many firms however, just as there will always be demand for talented software engineers. However, the thought of a “rising tide lifting all boats” applies as much to H1bs, as underqualified or downright “B” candidates in the pantheon of desirable candidates for our client pool. Right now, the best/safest route for an H1b holder out of work/status – transfer to firm willing to hold you on the bench, until the market improves.

  3. Vijay said:

    Mr. Dunlop,

    I had sent you an email on 05/28/09 and have also applied for positions on The Bivium Group website. I was wondering if those positions are still available. You have provided you contact details. Would you mind if I called you to discussed further? I am a recent graduate from The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!!! 🙂 ) in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

  4. Josh said:

    Mr. Dunlop,

    I would like to know what you think about the chances of our starting rotation making it to the ALCS with a less than stellar cast in offense and a mediocre pitching staff at best. Although people are thankful for what Theo has done, I can’t help but to hold him accountable for the millions of dollars in ‘dead money’.

    Oh, you thought this was about work? =)

    • I think we’ll make the playoffs, and from there an element of “luck” exists in any 5 game series. On paper, our top 3 starters are (like last year) weaker than our prospective opponents. For much of the year, the offense has underachieved. I think the real question is – on a continuum of full actualized abilities – will Beckett and Lester be at the top of their game? Will Matsuzaka pitch at all this year? We need 9/10 or 10/10 from Beckett and Lester to take any series… offensively, we can make it. On the subject of ‘dead money’ the ROI for many of these reclamation projects of Theo are high, if any panned out… the key I think is still stocking the farm system with cheaper prospects for future dealing.

  5. Joe said:

    I’m totally fascinated at the combination of Psychology and tech sector… very few mesh that way… it fascinates me, I live in a part of the world where you’re either or and it’s frustrating to say the least… I think it’s great you’ve made it work!

  6. Awrite scott, obviously you won’t know me but a googled my own name and you came up,ahaha another scott dunlop except ur a big hot shot from america an am glasgow scotland…sorry for anoyin u but a bet you’ve did it yourself,well al sort this side a the pond out an you take the other lolol, don’t need 2 reply

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