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Our EXCLUSIVE client in Cambridge, MA is looking to hire a talented software engineer/web engineer:


Full stack J2EE software engineer (70% back-end work) – Spring/Hibernate/JavaScript/JQuery/AJAX –target is 2-10 years of experience (90-120k + nice equity). Culture fit is very important here. Youthful group. Not killer startup hours, but “fit” is key. Some cloud experience would be fantastic. RESTful Webservices.


12 people on the team, 7 in development. Position reports directly to the CTO.
Awesome location – Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA


Company has been through 3 rounds of funding totaling ~ 15M.


Work on some very HOT social stuff – Facebook APIs, EC2/Hadoop etc. Get the chance to work on a broad array of technologies – social media, mobile, RFID etc.


Should have the aptitude and attitude to rock in a close-knit startup team.


Personality fit is critical too:


–        Ability to work in a team environment

–        Self-motivated, organized and efficient work style

–        Highly attentive to detail

–        An honest, reliable and trustworthy person

–        Fun to work with as part of a high-performing team


If this sounds like you – please reach out to us – – subject line “Kendall Square startup”


keywords: Java, J2EE, facebook, social media, EC2, RESTful Webservices, startup, Kendall Square, software enginer, web software engineer, Javascript, HTML, Spring, Hibernate, JQuery, HTML, CSS



So, did you miss me? It was definitely hard to take a break from the hottest job market for software engineers in Boston, MA since 1999… but the confluence of time and opportunity was just too hard to resist.

Among the great memories – hiking the Great Wall of China, sailing in Halong Bag, Vietnam, Cooking with Poo in Thailand, seeing Angkor Wat in Cambodia, visiting 1200 year old Temples in Japan, and eating some of the strangest, but most delicious food I’ve ever seen (including several Michelin award winners!)

So, jet lag in the rearview mirror, I focus my attention on the oodles of clients that need my attention…. and the phone/email never stopped being answered even when +13 hours away.

Looking forward to talking to super software engineers in the Boston area – Ruby/Rails, C#/.NET and Java/J2EE are all still in heavy demand …

Medway,MA- Senior/Principal Java/J2EE Software Engineers – 3+ openings for talented software engineers

BRAND new development group South of Boston – Bivium has placed 6+ people on this team working on very cool voice/speech applications on a small, agile team – high profile and “cool factor”.

This client has closed a big round of VC, but didn’t “need it” they were already profitable – this is to further grow and expand during a boom-time for their business.

Hiring manager is someone we’ve worked with for years on multiple ventures – great manager! Seasoned/experienced management team here.

Easy reverse commute from the greater Boston area and points South.

Client could hire 3 additional people for their continued booming business model. From a junior to a Principal – target are candidates in the 90 to 115k area + stock and excellent benefits.


Most important skillset is great Java experience – the rest is “teachable”


Java/J2EE, xml, java, vxml, webservices, agile environment. Core skill is strong Java.

Sound interesting? Send a resume to – subject line “Medway Java”


Scott Dunlop, The Bivium GroupGreat debate here on the the lack of merit to the now ubiquitous whiteboard session & trivial code for Software Engineer/developer job interviews

It’s definitely been my experience that a) Many clients love these sorts of whiteboarding/code sessions and b) There has been fairly low correlation between a good hire and these sessions.

I *do* believe the very best way to evaluate code skills is to have a software engineer/developer bring their own code and talk it through — putting a candidate on the spot to recall a CS 101 detail or to figure out another tic-tac-toe puzzle (thanks Google!) is a great sifting mechanism to get to more good nuggets — but, in this recruiting environment, could turn off more good candidates than it attracts!

Woburn, MA rockstar/ninja software engineers/web developer 0-6 yrs to 100k+ Java/C#/OO @scottdunlop #tweetmyjobs #boston

Happy New Year — I hope everyone’s holidays were wonderful, relaxing and full of surprises (not the ones involving excessive airport delays!).

All signs over Nov/Dec and entering Jan point to a very robust job market for the Boston, MA software engineering market — evidence abounds that the macro-economic picture has vastly improved, and hiring is primarily a momentum/psychology-driven lagging indicator. Facebook could be preparing a $50Billion IPO in the 2nd half of the year, Google announced a 10% across the board salary increase + the stock market’s end of year rally, has many in a very positive mood.

As I look forward into 2011, there is a huge, unmet demand for top-notch Computer Science/Software engineers across 128,95, Boston, Cambridge and points North/South and MetroWest. From Java/J2EE to Ruby/RoR, Database internals and every level of experience from Upcoming/Recent Computer Science Grads all the way to talented VPs of Engineering.

Like so many, I am cautiously optimistic and anticipate a very, very strong 2011 for the software engineering job market.

Good luck and here’s to a great 2011 for all of us!


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