Ground-Floor Startup Metrowest, MA

We are representing a newly funded startup that has money in the bank, and a proven team of entrepreneurs looking to do it again.

Client is EXCLUSIVELY working with Bivium to add to their team of ten, several new engineers.

Concord, MA area – big equity package (Series A range) and salaries DOE to 125/130k level.

General tech stack here is cutting edge and our client is looking for strong sharp generalists (top 5%-ers)

Java, Python, jQuery, Hadoop, Cassandra, Clojure, Hbase, MongoDB. Sprinkle in some Ruby, Storm, Chef, big client side JS stuff like d3.js, node.js, and spine.js

Recruiting for:

1 client-side UI opening (Javascript)

2 back-end person (Hadoop/Cassandra)

1 Clojure developer

1 NLP person (could overlap with back-end)

Please send a resume to – subject line “Concord startup” to learn more.

About Us:
The Bivium Group is a renowned technical recruiting firm with a sixth sense for crafting the right fit between opportunity and talent. Our focus is on building long-term relationships with both clients and candidates which is demonstrated by our unsurpassed network of skilled talent and intimate knowledge of our client’s business needs.

We have earned a reputation for our exceptional service, our willingness to build long-term relationships, and the ability to fully grasp the often complex requirements of our clients.

Our wide-ranging knowledge of the software industry, and recognition in the marketplace only enhances our ability to help reach our shared goals – a lifelong partnership with you – and to offer the very best recruiting experience available today.

I have been in the technology industry for over 20 years. I have worked within several startups including positions such as Vice President of Operations, General Manager and Founder at three technology based startups – including my own consulting firm from the late 80s and into the 90’s. I left the startup world to join one of New England’s oldest and largest recruiting agencies where I assisted in the meteoric growth of a new office in a new geography. My performance over the past few years has placed me in the top 1% of National Recruiters. My philosophy is simple – I am a career partner to both our candidates and clients.

Visit our website to view more of Boston’s Best Software jobs (150+):

Jobs are updated frequently so please check back regularly


Working on some fun new software engineer jobs, exclusively with a client in the Woburn, MA area:

Our client, a well-known, public company in Woburn, MA, with a small development group in MA (15 engineers) has exclusively engaged me to add 5 new engineers to their team.
This is the best of both worlds – great benefits and investment in the tools/technologies you need + bleeding edge “cool” stuff – CLOUD and VIRTUALIZATION and NETWORKING!

We have three groups we are recruiting for:

Web Development – these are folks with OO web skills – Ruby/Rails/RoR/PHP/Python/Perl – any/all mix is fine

Core engine/software engineers – complex, threaded C++ work — should have a heavy duty CS background. More Senior/Principal software engineer.

SQA – manual and automation, with more emphasis on automation. Work in a wireless, networking or cloud software company is a huge bonus.



So, did you miss me? It was definitely hard to take a break from the hottest job market for software engineers in Boston, MA since 1999… but the confluence of time and opportunity was just too hard to resist.

Among the great memories – hiking the Great Wall of China, sailing in Halong Bag, Vietnam, Cooking with Poo in Thailand, seeing Angkor Wat in Cambodia, visiting 1200 year old Temples in Japan, and eating some of the strangest, but most delicious food I’ve ever seen (including several Michelin award winners!)

So, jet lag in the rearview mirror, I focus my attention on the oodles of clients that need my attention…. and the phone/email never stopped being answered even when +13 hours away.

Looking forward to talking to super software engineers in the Boston area – Ruby/Rails, C#/.NET and Java/J2EE are all still in heavy demand …

Happy New Year! It sure was a whirlwind holiday season – between hosting visitors, charitable activities, and the social scene I’m actually quite excited to be back into 100% recruiting mode.

Often, I hear from old and new clients asking about insight about the market, trends and prognosis for the future. So, here’s a few thoughts to start the new year off:

1. Web skills are hot – a) C#/.NET b) Java/J2EE  and c)Python/Rails/Perl/Open source are about 95% of the position tech matches

2. Boston will still remain “behind” the Silicon Valley consumer-facing tech curve and invest in it’s strengths – enterprise, security, financial and networking.

3. The divergence of the economy will continue – the exceptional and talented to drive the market, and the average and below average marginalized.

4. Visa recruiting will pick-up. Some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs and workers come to the US on a visa and that is a good predictor of the tech economy in 2012.

5. Major VCs and venture-capitalized companies will pull back, a  bit — Darwinism will reign supreme – the best and brightest will rise to the top.

6. Salaries will become a bit more robust/unstuck at all levels.

I’m very excited about 2012, and believe it’s going to be the best year since 2006 to be on the job market for tech talent, and for those looking to recruit top software engineering talent in Boston – time to partner with those “in the know”

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